About Us

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What's the story with Skunked Again you ask? Pull up a chair and get a stiff drink, because this is a long one. . . 

Okay I kid, it's actually pretty short. Back in the winter of 2021 I (Farmy) had an idea: what if I injected some comedy into my local fly fishing scene? You have to understand, it was a fairly shitty winter. We were coming to the end of the 10th month of the 2-week COVID-19 lock down. Tensions were high and the Euro Nymphing bros were becoming insufferable. We had to fight back. 

In January 2021 I decided to dive-in head first and start making some fly fishing memes. I figured it would be a local phenomenon and named the account after our local tailwater and @FarmingtonRiver on Instagram was born. 

It quickly blossomed into more than I ever imaged. The jokes I was making on Instagram started to bleed into real life, and the idea to make some funny fishing merch started to grow and grow. In January 2022, Skunked Again was reborn with a simple message: keep fishing fun(ny). 

We make stickers, hats, and other gear that helps keep the mood light and set the tone for when you're both on and off the water. 

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