5 Tips If You Have a Rod Rack

5 Tips If You Have a Rod Rack

Everyone knows that, in addition to major cool points from screaming that you’re a huge fly fisherman, rod racks are an essential tool for serious anglers who like to keep multiple rods rigged and ready to go. I, for one, use the precarious “thread it through my ski pass through and hope I don’t crush my fly rod with my elbow” method, but I’ve gotten more than my fair chances at using rod vaults to have come up with a 5 essential tips for those of you new to the game.

1. Rod Socks Are Your Best Friend

You really do need one of these things if you’re going to be serious about extending the longevity of your rods. These puppies will prevent you from snagging a guide when putting your rod in, an otherwise easy path to disaster and heartbreak, and help you keep your rods protected when they’re getting bounced around.

I really like this one from Loon if you’re looking for a great price, and this one from our friends at Sly Outfitters if you’re looking for something that will also cover your reel.

I use these any time I’m storing or transporting my fully assembled fly rods, even if it’s not with a rod rack. You really can’t go wrong.  

2. Thinking They’re Totally Secure

Even though rod racks are great at keeping your fly rods secure, they’re not totally bomb proof. It’s been shown time and time again that, even when you’ve made sure you locked the rod rack, people can easily get in. The best solution is not leaving your rods in a rod rack overnight or where you won’t have eyes on them for long periods of time. 

Which leads us to our next tip . . . 

3. Rods Are Only Secure If You Actually Lock Them

Yes, you do need to make sure you actually turn the lock with the key on most of these systems. Simply closing the rod rack isn’t enough, usually, to lock your fly rod away safe and sound. If you’re going anywhere where you won’t see your rods, make sure they’re actually locked up. 

4. Not Actually Closing The Rack

Okay final tip — rods will *fly out of your rack at highway speeds without warning* if you are not positive that the rod rack is closed . . . My friends found out first hand leaving the Delaware River and told me they do not recommend trying it out. Make sure it’s snapped shut, then go and make sure you’ve done tip number 3. 

5. Not Putting Enough Stickers On Your Rack

A naked rod rack just looks weird. Make sure you stock up on all of our Skunked Again fly fishing stickers to make your rod rack stand out amongst the masses. 

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